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Address: Tiefe Straße 30-32, 48431 Rheine, Germany   Phone: +49 5971 / 804040


Rheine is a Westphalian city with around 75,000 inhabitants in the district of Steinfurt and is divided by the river Ems. The city offers a wide range of leisure activities.

Bicycle tours

You can choose from 68 varied cycle tours around Rheine. The two themed routes, the Ems Cycle Route and the 100 Castles Route, are particularly recommended. These offer you a perfect mix of scenic variety and exciting content.

Rheine Nature Zoo

The NaturZoo Rheine bears its name rightly, because here you can experience around 1,000 animals in 100 species up close. For example, penguins will cross your path, herons and ibises will fly over your head and in Germany's first monkey forest you will even meet (almost) free-living Barbary macaques.

Bentlage Monastery / Salt Works

Nature and culture are in harmony at Bentlage Monastery. High-quality exhibitions await you in the museum and a relaxed atmosphere in the monastery garden. Thanks to the direct connection to the theme routes, the monastery is also an ideal stopover on your cycling tour.

In the north-west of the city of Rheine, the Salinenpark, with the neighbouring NaturZoo and the Bentlage Monastery with its cultural landscape, offers an interesting destination for an excursion. The Salinenpark was redesigned in 2004 as part of the Regionale. The buildings of the historic saltworks, which produced salt for the spa in Bentlage until 1952 and whose graduation works still allow visitors to inhale the healthy salty air, are located between generous green spaces and old trees. As a garden design element, tree plantings with box-shaped lime trees now accentuate the missing centrepiece of the graduation house.

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