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Address: Tiefe Straße 30-32, 48431 Rheine, Germany   Phone: +49 5971 / 804040

Apartmentfrom104,00€ per night


Our apartment is a true multi-purpose room - whether you need a twin room with separate beds, cooking and washing facilities for long-timers or barrier-free access for people with walking difficulties. The furnishings are essentially the same as in a double room. Only a kitchenette with washing machine and its own small terrace in the landscaped inner courtyard distinguish this room from regular double rooms. We would like to point out at this point that wheelchair users who are unable to stand, even for short periods, require an assistant to use the bathroom, who must be brought along himself, as the bathroom is not equipped for the disabled. However, access to the room itself is barrier-free, and a large number of disabled people have already been very satisfied with the apartment.